Our History

Element Church Launched

In 2010, through the vision and conviction of the Holy Spirit, led by Josh Bradley and a core group, Element Church officially launched. The mission of Element Church was to lead people to discover truth, experience community and love people.

Element Church Grew

Element saw tremendous growth within the first five years, while seeing attendance swell to around 1,000 during the Easter season. From 2010 to 2021, Element Church grew in favor with the city of Woodruff as they partnered with the Community Center, participated in Halloween on Main and invested in Spartanburg School District 4.

Element and Church at The Mill Partnership

In April 2021, Element Church's vision to have a greater Kingdom impact drove them to make a decision. Through much prayer and under the direction of the Holy Spirit, the leadership of Element approached Church at The Mill as a means to begin a new work. They entrusted their assets to Church at The Mill and were ready to see The Lord move.

At the same time, Church at The Mill was prayerfully expectant and prepared to see the opportunities the Lord would provide as avenues to be a part of new works in the community, including being open to launching of new campuses. Through counsel, partnership and prayer, the leaderships of Element Church and Church at The Mill came to the decision for Element to pass the baton to Church at The Mill in order to help launch a Woodruff campus.

Church at The Mill Woodruff Launched

Church at The Mill chose Adam Siskey, then High School Pastor at Church at The Mill, to become the Campus Pastor and lead the Woodruff congregation. After renovations to the campus and the commissioning of its launch team, Church at The Mill Woodruff launched in August 2021.

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