Church at The Mill is a place of New Beginnings and Real Relationships and we believe this happens best in Small Groups. Small Groups are happening now! It’s not too late to register for a group.

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Small Groups are groups of people who meet weekly for community, bible study discussion, and prayer. they are a place where you can grow spiritually and connect with others. Our Small Groups meet on Sunday nights and Wednesday nights both in host homes and on The Central Campus. To find a Small Group that suits you, please click the button below.




Bible Study Discussion



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Grow Spiritually

Adult Equipping Classes

  • Everyday Apologetics: Using God’s Word to Navigate the Cultural Questions Around Us (Rodney Neal)

    Sunday (6PM-7:30PM, Married and Singles)

  • Foundations for Godly Manhood: A Study of the Book of Titus

    Sunday (6PM-7:30PM, Men’s Group) (Pastor Daniel & Bill Thomason)

  • All Things: A Study of God’s Sovereignty Over Our Circumstances

    Wednesday (6PM-7:30PM, Women’s Group) (Ashley Bennett)

  • Examining The Sermon on The Mount (Steve Ramey)

    Wednesday (6PM-7:30PM, Married and Singles)


Childcare for Small Groups is provided for groups that meet on Sunday night or Wednesday night. Childcare is available at The Woodruff Campus on Sunday and Wednesday evenings and Central Campus on Wednesday evenings.

Small Groups work with the church to find a curriculum that will work well for that particular group. In addition, Small Groups may also be asked to go through the curriculum provided by the church.

The best way to join a Small Group is through GroupLink. This is an event we host during early Spring and Fall that allows people to meet potential Small Group leaders and then chose a Small Group that works best for them and their schedule. 

People are also able to join a Small Group throughout the year by registering using the registration button above or clicking the help form to connect with someone in our Adult Ministry to help find a group.